The Rector-elect


Fr Rod Gooden

Fr Rod was born 5th December 1950 at Memorial Hospital, North Adelaide and was educated at Plympton Primary School, Plympton High School, SA
Institute of Technology, St Barnabas’ Theological College, Belair, South Australia.
He worked as a clerk for the Minister of Transport, then for the Minister of Transport and Local Government Department and then as Administration
Officer, Corporation of the City of Brighton, South Australia.

He was made a deacon on the Eve of the Transfiguration, 5th August, 1984, at Christ Church, O’Halloran Hill, in the Diocese of The Murray, and ordained a priest: 21st September, the following year at Christ Church, Mount Gambier.
Rod has served in the Diocese of the Murray at Mount Gambier and then Keith, before moving to the Diocese of Willochra in 1989 serving at Cleve, Cowell and Kimba which was then renamed the Parish of Eastern Eyre Peninsular. He was also the Rural Dean for some of this time before moving first to the parish of Kadina then to the Ministry District of Wakefield and convener of the Diocese of Willochra Evangelism Task Force.
In 2003 he moved to the Diocese of Rockhampton where he was priest in Charge of the parish of Clermont with the parish of Moranbah, and then District Priest Enabler for Parishes in Ministry Area of Belyando/Peak Downs and Area Dean of the Central Highlands. He come to the Diocese of Northern Queensland in 2004 as Rector of Innisfail and then Cairns.

Rod enjoys every aspect of his ministry but has a special bent towards evangelism, healing through counselling and a variety of worship styles to cover our diverse Diocesan-wide emphases. Fr enjoys gardening, walking, body surfing, snorkelling and cooking.

On 26th January, 2018 Rod married Jen Manigos from Cebu in the Philippines. Jen lives with Rod at Cairns under a temporary visa whilst awaiting consideration by the Department of immigration of her application for a permanent visa.

Fr Rod's induction as Rector of Mossman/Port Douglas will happen later in the year, once the restrictions of isolation are lifted/



Parish Clergy


Rev'd Deborah Kachel

 Rev'd Eric Pitt

Rev'd Ethel Woods




Past Clergy in the Parish of Mossman/Port Douglas


Rev'd B. Bryant (1898-1900)

Rev'd W. Wilkinson (1900-1902)

Rev'd T. Pitt (1902-1904)

Rev'd E. Taffs (1904-1950)

Rev'd C. Ware (1950-1955)

Rev'd A. McFarland (1955-1961)

Rev'd E. Gribble (1961-1965)

Rev'd R. Atkins (1965-1969)

Rev'd F. Morrey (1970-1973)

Rev'd S. Batten (1974)

Rev'd A. Morrison (1974-1983)

Rev'd M. Babbage (1984-1989)

Rev'd T. Williams (1989-1994)

Rev'd Dr B. Paterson (1994-1999)

Rev'd G McLeod (2001-2002)

Rev'd C. Ford (2003-2007)

Rev'd T Morris (2008)

Rev'd P Beasley (2009-2013)

Rev'd Dr K. Lay (2014-2020)